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Want To Extend The Life Of Your Glasses?

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Choosing a pair of glasses is an important decision! We want to help you make sure those carefully chosen frames of yours are just as carefully taken care of.

Everyday wear and tear of the things we use is unavoidable, even with our eyeglasses. But by following the tips in this blog post, you can keep your glasses looking as fresh and new as possible until your next pair!

Clean Your Glasses Correctly

Cleaning your glasses on a daily basis is a great way to keep them in good shape. However, cleaning them correctly is important. Using lukewarm water and lotion-free dishwashing liquid, gently rub both sides of the lenses and your frames. Rinse and dry with a lint-free towel and voila!

Make sure to avoid these common mistakes when cleaning your glasses:

  • Wiping your lenses when they’re dry or using tissues, paper towels or your shirt–tiny dust particles can scratch up your lenses
  • Not washing your hands before cleaning–dirt, grime, oils and lotion can be easily transferred to your lenses and cause damage
  • Using your saliva or household glass cleaner–this can expose your eyes to bacteria or harsh chemicals and can ruin lens coatings

Handle Eyewear With Care

Your lenses aren’t the only important part of your glasses, your frames are too! If you want your glasses to fit the way they did the first day you got them, don’t put them on top of your head. It’s also important to remember to take them off with two hands instead of one. Handling your glasses with care will ensure they stay properly aligned and fit correctly for much longer. If for any reason your glasses get bent out of shape, just bring them into our office and we’ll adjust them for you!

If They’re Not On Your Face, Keep Them In A Case

Always remember to keep glasses in their case when they’re not on your face. It happens all too frequently that someone sets their frames on a nightstand or table and accidentally knocks them down or sets something on them later.

Glasses on countertops can also sustain damage from hairspray, perfume, cologne, etc. And don’t forget how easily both your dog and your three-year-old always find ways to get a hold of your things. Protect your investment by keeping your glasses in a case, whether that’s at home or on the go in your purse or backpack!

Get Your New Pair At Our Practice

No matter how well you treat them, your glasses will need to be replaced at some point. Wearing damaged glasses or eyewear with an outdated prescription can harm your vision. When you do need a new pair, or would just like to try something new, come into our practice and explore our eyewear collection! We would love to help you find frames that fit your unique style and personality.

Thank you to our patients for always making us smile!

Written by Total Vision

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